Social Media Marketing

Let us grow the visibility of your brand. And boost engagement with your audiences around your product or service using social media.

Starting from scratch or enhancing what you already have. We will work with you to maximise your social media presence and craft your content.  We will ensure you stay relevant and truly engage your audiences on both your platforms as well as other groups and communities that align with your message and business.

Video is king now where social media is concerned and it has been proven that over 60% of engagement is now via video. In line with this we also offer animation and videography services.

Adding a video to promote your brand is a great way to grab the attention of your customers and show the product in action. Videos can be the driving force on social platforms and help turn visitors into customers on your website — Video marketing boots organic traffic by incorporating audio and visual elements to appeal to multiple senses. With videography, you really can think outside the box and personalise how you interact with your customers. Vlog, contests, product reviews, behinds the scenes, interviews, how-to guide, educational product videos and even testimonials, the list goes on and on.

Additional video content in the form of animation is a great way to express ideas to an audience in a creative manner. This form of media is very beneficial to those who are looking to portray a particular message, animation can be greatly diverse in terms of content and production style, and this is effective when trying to reach certain groups of people.  Our animation is made in house, being primarily produced within Adobe After Effects, while other results are achieved with the inclusion of Cinema 4D. We can produce a range of video content, including 2D & 3D Motion Graphics, Particle Generation, 2D Compositing, Motion Tracking (Selective), Waveform Visualization.