Digital Marketing

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is key to any online presence. Please do not be fooled by companies offering to get you to number one in Google in a very short time and especially be wary of those that state that they will get you to the number one slot and keep you there as this is physically impossible to do unless of course you are Google.

We offer true and honest SEO services without the jargon. We investigate key phrases to attack with you to ensure that we are not only targeting the correct key phrases, but we are also concentrating on those that are being searched by real people.

Along side SEO we can also look after PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising also known as Google AdWords. Managed incorrectly this can be a costly service and can also, in some cases, damage other marketing strategies if not kept in line.

For those only just starting out we always recommend an initial 4-6 months of both SEO and PPC running along side each other as PPC will get immediate results whereas SEO is for the long game. Once we have you on page one for certain key phrases, we can safely ramp down the PPC and potentially use the saving to ramp up SEO.